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Full Member Of West Indies Cricket Umpires Association
CCUA President, Mr. Basdeo Dookhie is extremely pleased with the new Education Chairman Mr. Farouk Ali, who brings vast knowledge of Cricket Laws to our Association. He also has a unique style of instruction, for old and new umpires alike, from his native land of Trinidad, where he has umpired for many years.

CCUA is encouraging existing and potential Umpires in CANADA to join us in 2016 at the Cricket Laws Seminar. For more information, please contact Azad Khan, CCUA Secretary at the following phone numbers: 647.281.1951 or 416.287.0116. Please visit the Seminar page.
Canada Cricket Umpires Association 
Welcomes all Umpires for the 2011 Cricket Season


(i)   To promote and advance the status, role, authority and influence of cricket umpires and scorers; individually, collectively throughout Canada at all levels.

(ii)  To promote high standards of umpiring and scoring nationally at all levels throughout the game through the promotion of formal training courses, qualifying examinations, assessment and development programs and any other means approved by the Executive Committee.

(iii)   To promote the high standards of umpire and scorer training, nationally 
at all levels throughout the game through the provision of Instructor Induction Courses and advanced Instructor and Examiner training, development and assessment programs;

(iv)   To advise, act on behalf of and generally support the interests of the Association’s members in matters of match appointments, contract negotiations, insurance claims, legal disputes, disciplinary and arbitration proceedings directly related to their cricket activities, provided that the Association is not brought into disrepute thereby;

(v)   To develop, build upon and maintain close collaborative working relationships with cricket governing bodies and other Umpire and Scorer Associations in Canada and Overseas; 

(vi)  To encourage and assist in the formation of constituent Branches and Affiliated Associations in Canada for the improvement of the game and the application of the Laws to further these Aims and Objectives.

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Daylight Savings Time
Starts: Sunday March 10th 2019 .  Ends:Sunday November 3, 2019 
Important Dates

*WICUA Oral Exam
Sunday December 2nd 2018

WICUA Final Written Exam: 
Sunday August 19th 2018

CCUA Examination
May 6th 2018

CCUA AGM : March 4th 2018
WICUA Oral Examination. September 24th 2017
WICUA Final Written Examination Aug: 24th 2017
*WICUA Convention in Jamaica: July 1st to July 7th 2017
*CCUA AGM Sunday December 4th 2016
*WICUA Oral Examination Sunday November 27th 2016
*WICUA Final Written Examination​ Sunday August 28th 2016
  • WICUA Oral Exam. Nov. 29th 2015
  • WICUA Final written Exam-Sunday October 18th 2015
  • CCUA AGM on Sunday Feb. 22nd 2015 at 42 Div.Police Station in Scarborough. 1-5pm
  • WICUA Oral Examination on Sunday November 23rd 2014
  • WICUA Biennial Convention  in New York City July 20-27th 2015
  • WICUA Final Written Examination: Aug. 24th 2014
  • CCUA AGM on Sunday Feb. 9th 2014 at 42 Div.Police Station in Scarborough. 2-5pm
  • ​WICUA Oral Exam Dec: 15 2013
  • WICUA Final Written Exam will be on  AUGUST 25, 2013
  • WICUA -Biennial Conference was held in Trinidad from June 28th 2013 to July 6th 2013.
  • CCUA Examination on May 5th 2013
  • CCUA AGM February 17th 2013. From 1pm to 5pm at 42 Div.Police Station
  • December 9th 2012 WICUA Oral Examination. 9am Sharp
  • August 19th 2012,WICUA Final Written Examination.
          From 9am to 11am
  • May 6th 2012. CCUA Examination In Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.
  • February 10th to April 29th 2012. CCUA Seminars
  • February 12th 2012. CCUA AGM
Affiliated Umpires' Associations
Scarborough Cricket Umpires Association

Masters Cricket Umpires Association
Ottawa Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association

Waterloo Cricket Umpires Association

Valley Green Cricket Umpires Association
Montreal Cricket Umpires Association
WICUA 50th Anniversary     Monument in T&T
Sunday August 11th 2019
WICUA Oral Examination 
Sunday December 1st 2019
WICUA Convention in Barbados
July 6th-July 13th 2019
CCUA Seminars and Exam Dates 2021
Dear all,
Please find attached CCUA Seminars and Exam dates 2021
* PowerPoint presentation will be used for most of the sessions which pertain to the Laws of Cricket.
* Please keep your devices mute at all times except during Q&A
* Q&A at the end of each law - to a minimum
* No ICC/Local League playing conditions will be entertained.
* All Seminars and Examinations will be based on 2017 Code MCC Laws of Cricket (Updated 2019)
* Please make sure you identify yourself by stating first and last name before being admitted to the seminar.
CCUA Weekly Seminars
Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 971 7216 5649
Passcode: 531728

Please forward this email to all your Contacts.
Best Regards
Azad Khan (Secretary of CCUA) Email: azadinfinity@gmail.com (Tel: 647-281-1951)
​Frederick Halley: Assistant Secretary: Email:frederickhalley60@gmail.com (Tel: 647-985-9596) 

   CCUA Seminars and Exam dates 2021 INSTRUCTORS
DATEPROGRAMLOCATIONLaws of CricketTIMELaws completedPeter Nero, Azad Khan, Vivian Johnson

1Saturday March 6th 2021CCUA SeminarZoomLaw 1 to Law 101 - 4 pm Peter Nero

2Saturday March 13th 2021CCUA SeminarZoomLaw 11 to Law 161 - 4 pm Peter Nero

3Saturday March 20th 2021CCUA SeminarZoomLaw 17 to Law 261 - 4 pm Peter Nero

4Saturday March 27th 2021CCUA SeminarZoomLaw 27 to Law 351 - 4 pm Peter Nero

5Saturday April 10th 2021CCUA SeminarZoomLaw 36 to Law 401 - 4 pm Vivian Johnson, Azad Khan

6Saturday April 17h 2021CCUA SeminarZoomLaw 41 to Law 421 - 4 pm Vivian Johnson, Azad Khan

7Saturday April 24th 2021CCUA SeminarZoomRevision 1 - 4 pm Vivian Johnson, Azad Khan