Executives of 
Canada Cricket Umpires Association (2024-2026)

President: Azad Khan                      
Tell: 647-281-1951
Email: azadinfinity@hotmail.com
Full Member Of West Indies Cricket Umpires Association
Daylight Savings Time
Starts: March 10, 2024  Ends: November 4, 2024 

Vice-President:  Bisham Singh    
Tel:  647-448-4187
Email: bishamsingh@hotmail.com
Treasurer: Terry Mathura
Email: s.mathura@rogers.com
Tel: 416-726-7503
Certification Officer : Matthew Francis
Tell: 647-204-0686
Email: stemf802@hotmail.com
Frederick Halley
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer/PRO
Tel: 647-985-9596
Email: frederickhalley60@gmail.com
Secretary : Malik Ghaswala
Tell: 647-832-9969
Email: secretaryccua@gmail.com