Executives of 
Canada Cricket Umpires Association (2020-2021)
Past President: From 2003 - 2012
                         Frederick M Leacock

Secretary:         Azad Khan
                         3050 Ellesmere Road,
                         Suite 806; 
                         Tel: 416-287-0116; Cell: 647-281-1951
Email:                azadinfinity@hotmail.com
Past President:  Basdeo Dookhie.
                            From 2012-2017

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This page was last updated: May 27, 2021
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Full Member Of West Indies Cricket Umpires Association
Daylight Savings Time
Starts: March 13, 2016  Ends: November 6, 2016 

                         Albert Ramcharran
                         Tel: 416-723-0741
Email:             albertr25@hotmail.com
Rookhie of the Year 2009 Terrence Campbell
Scorer of the Year 2009 Mickail Butler
Scorer of the Year 2008 Mickail Butler
Denis Rajroop
CCUA Past Vice President from 2010-2011
Vice-President:  Bisham Singh    
                            Tel:  647-448-4187
Email:                  bishamsingh@hotmail.com
Past Certification Officer        

Jeewanlal Sookhoo           

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer/PRO
2013 WICUA Convention in Trinidad & Tobago
Treasurer:        Jainauth Jadunauth
Email:              vish2@aol.com 
Past Treasurer
Austin Foote
Certification Officer.
Farouk Ali
Matthew Francis: 647-204-0686
Email: stemf802@hotmail.com
CCUA Past Education Chairman
Frederick Halley
Tel: 647-985-9596
Email: frederickhalley60@gmail.com