Michael Samuel Nicholas Henry
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This page was last updated: October 14, 2010
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Certified Level 3 Umpire:
Canadian Cricket Association.

Associate Member- Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers, United Kindom.

* Over 30 years of officiating within Toronto and District Cricket Association.
* 17 years of officiating at Premier and First Division Levels.

* Attended Umpires Instructors Seminar.
* Manchester U.K February 2002.
* Attended various seminars conducted by prominent officiating figures such as
  Nigel Plews, Don Oslear, Douglas Sang Hue, Johnny Gale, Ralph Gosine,
  Steve Bucknor, Darryl Hair and Rudi Koertzen.

* Canada versus Denmark.
* Canada versus Burmuda.
* Canada versus Bangladesh.
* Canada versus United States.
* Canada versus West Indies A -- 2 Matches.

* ICC U19 Americas Cricket Championship Toronto Canada 2003.
* ICC Cricket World Cup, South Arica 2003 lead up matches Holland vs. Western
  Provinces and Sri. Lanka vs. Free State.
* America Cup, Buenos Aries Argentina 2002.
* North American Cricket Tournament, Vancouver Canada 1997.

* ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 4th Umpire, South Africa.
* Sahara Cup 1997 & 1998 4th Umpire, Toronto Canada.
* West Indies versus M.C.C. 3rd Umpire, Toronto Canada.

* Working knowledge of Code 2000 Laws of Cricket.
* Working knowledge of International Cricket Council Code of Conduct,
  Standard Playing Conditions and other regulations.
* Working experience of Duckworth/Lewis method for calculating targets
  in one-day cricket.
Professional Training
Matches Officiated
Touraments Officiated
355 Brookside Road, Richmond Hll, Ontario, L4C 0G6  *  Phone 905-780-8366  *  Email: mikenhenry@rogers.com
Born:                 Siparia, Trinidad & Tobago.
Major Teams:    Overseas Cricket Club & Mendez Sports Club.
Known As:         Mike Henry.
Batting Style:    Right Hand Opening Bat/Wicket Keeper.
Other:                Umpire/Scorer.