Fred Lew-A-King
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This page was last updated: October 14, 2010
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58 Curtis Crescent, Scarborough. Ontario. Canada.  M1B 2B8.  (Home) 416-281-2169 (Cell) 416-919-1487 Fax: 416-281-1303 or 416-754-1319: E-mail

Born:              July 2, 1941. Georgetown, Guyana.
Major Teams:  Demerara C.C: Prospect C.C: East Bank Estates X1 Guyana Ministry of                                 Education and Labour X1: Guyana. York “U” C.C: Civics C.C: Calidoina C.C:                           Arawaks C.C. Canada and Essex County 2nd X1 U.K.
Known As:      Fred Lew-A-King
Position:         Wicket Keeper/Batsman


  •   Levels 1: 2: and 3, Canadian Cricket Association Umpires Certification
  • C.C.A. Umpires Instructor
  • Full Member of The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. U.K. 1997
  • ACU&SA Overseas Instructor, 1997
  • Former Ontario Cricket Association Cricket Coaching Co-coordinator
  • Former President of The Ontario Cricket Coaching Association
  • Certified Level 3 National Coaching Certification Program, with two Level 4 endorsements
  • Course Conductor N.C.C.P. Canada:
  • Fred Lew-a-king has been a member of The Toronto Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association since 1983 and has been an Umpire’s Instructor since 1994.
  • Has been Chairperson of the Education Committee a few years.
  • Founding Member of The Scarborough Cricket Umpires Association, and Vice President of The Scarborough Cricket Association.
  • Fred has officiated in many important matches in Canada over the last few years, including assignments for Canada in the Americas Cup Tournament; West Indies ‘A’ and MCC.
  • He also acted as Fourth Umpire for the Sahara Cup matches in Toronto in 1995 and 1996; West Indies ‘A’ in 2002, ICC Qualifying Americas U19 Tournament 2003.
  • Guyana Independence Day Matches since 1998.
  • Has Umpired in Guyana 2002 and 2003, and U.K when on work assignment.
  • Conducts Umpires seminars on Code 2000 when on visit to Guyana.
  • Held Cricket Coaching seminars during his visits to Guyana.
  • Cricket Associations from Canada and Overseas are in constant contact with Fred for interpretation of the Laws and resolution to problems with the Duckworth/Lewis system.
  • Fred could be seen officiating at Soft Ball matches during breaks from his schedule in Toronto.
  • Fred received the following awards: Ontario Volunteer Service Award from The Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Henry N.R.Jackman 1994, for his contributions to Cricket in Schools: The Mayoral Award from The Recreation Parks and Culture Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 1997, for his contribution to Cricket.
  • The York Board of Education Award for Excellence in Coaching York Mills C.I. Ontario, Canada 1996.
  • Award from Wexford C.I. Principal Award for his contributions as a Cricket Coach